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Medical Acupuncture – Hollywood, FL

Reduce Pain Quickly
and for the Long Term

When you have chronic musculoskeletal pain, there’s no need to undergo surgery. Dr. Joel D. Stein can offer safe and reliable acupuncture therapy. Many of our patients have found lasting relief after just a few appointments. With this treatment, you’ll be able to make a full recovery from your pain and return to your normal lifestyle! Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for medical acupuncture in Hollywood, FL.

Why Choose the Institute for Non-Surgical Orthopedics
for Medical Acupuncture?

  • Acupuncture for Reducing Pain
  • Hands-On Custom Treatments
  • Experienced, Fully Trained Team Members

What is Medical Acupuncture?

Doctor placing medical acupuncture needles

The key to acupuncture is the various pressure points where nerve endings congregate throughout your body. Acupuncture was developed in ancient China as a way to reduce pain and pressure. Small needles made of stainless steel are placed into your body into strategic spots to stimulate the nerves. This prompts the body to release the natural chemicals needed to relieve your pain.

Benefits of Medical Acupuncture

Man running without pain thanks to medical acupuncture

Medical acupuncture has been shown to be beneficial for patients who have injuries that will take time to recover. The treatment can often provide immediate pain relief so that you can stay comfortable during the day without taking medication. There are no negative side effects to acupuncture, and the results are almost immediate. In fact, many patients report that they feel extremely relaxed after their appointments and have no trouble carrying on the rest of their day.

Medical Acupuncture FAQs

Gloved hand inserting acupuncture needles into patient’s back

Medical acupuncture has the potential to improve your quality of life. However, since it is not a mainstream treatment, it is understandable if you want to gather as much information as possible before you commit to anything. To assist you, we have compiled the following list of FAQs about medical acupuncture, along with easy-to-understand answers. If you do not see the answer to your specific question, contact us directly. We look forward to speaking with you!

What Is the Difference Between Medical Acupuncture and Traditional Acupuncture?

Both therapies use the strategic insertion of needles to reduce pain, lower stress, and provide other benefits. However, the principles on which they are founded are different.

Traditional acupuncture is based on the idea of Qi, a supposed flow of energy that affects how the human body functions. Medical acupuncture, on the other hand, is solidly based on proven principles of anatomy and physiology. It takes away the spiritual element of traditional acupuncture and focuses more on the science of how the human body works.

Does Medical Acupuncture Hurt?

The needles used in medical acupuncture are very small. You might feel a slight pinch as they are inserted, but many patients feel nothing at all. It is also possible that you will experience a slight cramping sensation. Overall, the vast majority of patients find the acupuncture experience to be both comfortable and extremely relaxing.

Is Medical Acupuncture Safe?

Our team always keeps patient safety at the forefront of our minds. The needles used in medical acupuncture are individually packaged and pre-sterilized. They are also disposable, so we will never re-use needles that we have already used for another patient. The risk of infection with medical acupuncture is next to nothing.

When it comes to other aspects of safety, you can be confident that medical acupuncture is a very low-risk therapy. Unlike pharmaceutical methods of pain relief, it has virtually no side effects. It is both conservative and very effective.

How Often Should I Attend Medical Acupuncture Sessions?

When you visit our Hollywood office for your consultation, we will carefully consider your situation before we recommend a treatment plan. Some patients experience significant results after just one acupuncture session, and they enjoy optimum pain relief after several visits. Once the initial course of treatment is finished, it is wise to come back for periodic acupuncture sessions so you can continue to enjoy its benefits.

Of course, medical acupuncture may just be part of an overall plan that we design to improve your wellness. You may need to visit our office for other therapies so you can achieve the pain-free lifestyle that you are pursuing.

What Conditions Can Medical Acupuncture Treat?

Medical acupuncture is most often used as a method for chronic pain relief. However, it has also shown promise as a way to reduce anxiety, improve digestion, promote high-quality sleep, and more.

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